You Are So Much More Than Your Looks

connected nourished Jun 30, 2018

// You are not your looks. You are so much more //

I don't run just to be fit. I don't run to look hot or turn heads in a bikini. I don't run so that I can eat cheeseburgers.

I like being fit. hot. and I like cheeseburgers, too. But in and of themselves, these have never been reason enough to get out there and explore!

I focus on fitness so that I can run. I eat well so that I can run farther. So that my body feels as good as it can while I'm doing the things that make me smile. So that I recover faster between workouts.

It truly is that simple.

And, at risk of this sounding super cheeky, and knowing full well that I might get some backlash on this...

Looking hot is just a byproduct of doing the things that bring us smiles and fueling our body to support those smiles. I like putting on make-up, wearing pretty clothes, and getting my hair done for sure!

But, honestly. The most beautiful people to me, are those who are focused on what brings them JOY in life. And looking hot or beautiful, is not a requirement of life. You are not your looks. You are so much more.

It wasn't until I was lying on my mat this morning in yoga, that I came to this realization and truly FELT that everything I do is to support my body to move the way that I want it to so that I can continue to pursue my goals.

I love that my abs are taking form because I know that will help me with balance and stability as I power through the trails. And, I recognize that looking good in a bikini has no real value to me. That I don't really give a fuck what my body 'looks' like...

We wouldn't race down trails getting dirty with the risk of scraping up our legs, getting bruises, and potential of breaking a few nails. Let alone losing some toe nails.

My motivation, and the motivation of the Ultra Life Community is to eat well and move to bring the joy we desire in this lifetime. To push our limits and chase the goals we want. To sign up for that next race, knowing that you are FULLY supported.

For me, it's always about exploring, playing, and doing that with other badass people.

Want to join me in living your best life and powering your body with nutrition in the simplest and most fun way possible?

Join the Ultra Nutrition Plan, or contact me katsloanfeeney (at) gmail (dot) com :)  


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